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Operation Adios Amanda

The Rest of the Story

We've decided that since we've been talking about Jan Kruska so much here lately, that we should go ahead and tell the rest of the story so we can move on. We've hinted at things she's done, and in some cases outright accused her of harassment, cyberstalking, blackmail, threats and libel. And you know, if I hadn't been seeing these things myself I don't think I would have believed them. So I'm going to show you some of it now.

You see, it all began when we wrote about the sex reform petition and the outrageous things it was calling for. One of the stipulations on that petition is
We have made a conscious decision not to seek out the signatures of sex offenders
So we were just trucking along doing what we do and checking out all the signatures when lo and behold we ran across one of them on YouTube. We left comments which were rational and informative correcting the erroneous statistics Jan had quoted. She didn't take to criticism very well. She deleted our comments and retaliated by visiting our very own Violet Leaves' video and mocking her. Tsk, tsk, we can't have that now. We won't have that. Anyone who doesn't immediately understand why should pay a visit to Violet's blog sometime. Read what this woman has to say. Violet is a hero and she's speaking for all those unable to speak for themselves. I admire her strength, determination, and very clear understanding of the issues. She deserves our utmost respect.

Phase 2 of the Jan fiasco was when we wrote about her viewpoints. We wrote about her signing that petition. Jan thumbed her nose at the rule that said she couldn't sign it.

Jan signed it anyway.

Not once but twice.

We talked about the fact that Jan herself was a registered sex offender, not from finding it on a registry but from Jan's own testimony before the Arizona state legislature. We gave the link for reference. It's readily available public information. But in Jan's view this was illegal. Yep she even said so. Within hours of this post we entered Phase 3 with this message through YouTube

And this one
And this one
You see, Jan believed I was someone named Carolyn. And when I told her I wasn't Carolyn, using all her powers of logic and reason she concluded that "it proved I admitted it" ~Sigh~

She then proceeds to add a page to her website about Carolyn, adding her full name, home address, telephone number and the statements that Carolyn is guilty of "conspiring to commit blackmail, harassment, intimidation, encouraging others to commit cyber stalking, physical harm and murder" She put out her own APB warning and states that Carolyn "persistently downloads child pornography and uses photographs of children to entice men" Well, let's just take a look at it shall we?

No, she didn't block out the identifying information, I did.

You see, Carolyn is not an Anti. Carolyn is not a member of AZ. Carolyn has never been involved with this. She was a random person in the crowd that Jan hit in her frenzy to get revenge.

Carolyn had Jan's entire website shut down. Twice.

Jan responded with an image of an assault rifle and claims that we were endangering her life. For the life of me I've never figured out how blogging about how stupid she is endangers her life. But, you know Jan when she gets something in that head of hers.

Here we enter Phase 4

It began with comments on AZ. Posted from Jan's own IP address.

You see, Jan "in her haste to look like an idiot" found someone on MySpace named Esther. Esther used a nickname the same as someone who commented on AZ. Once again, she hit a person in the crowd. She didn't get the reaction she expected so she came back again always linking us to the things she'd created.
Well, let's just take a look at that, shall we?


Now let's see where that link takes us.

Ah, yes. Of course.

"She has links on her own MySpace page to erotic homosexual child pornography images!"

"Esther is a very sick woman. I urge everyone to report her to their local FBI field Office"


Interesting not only because we don't know this poor woman who fell into Jan's grasp, but also because we turned her MySpace upside down. She's just a woman who blogs occasionally. Seems to have a lot of friends including her favorite radio station, a PETA activist, and a gay nephew (adult) who had some gay (adult) erotica on his own page. Once again, Jan doesn't know the difference between a child and an adult. Neither apparently does Shirley Lowery. You see, this is one of the things we do. It's one of the things all of you should do. If anyone sees child pornography you shouldn't be twiddling your thumbs, you should be making a report to CyberTipLine ASAP. Shirley has an agenda and a motive however

Phase 5 begins. Shoot-into-the-crowd-Jan intensifies her efforts. Not only does she make this blog

"Petra Lunatic is currently under investigation in Arizona for her continual online harassment, threats, and defamation against a wife and mother of four. Inciting violence against an innocent woman and her children."

And this because Petra wrote about the Fluff 'n Stuff story on her MySpace.

Oh but it gets better. Why, we've hardly begun.

On the one hand it seems that what we have here is a failure to communicate, but that's hardly the case. The day after she left us the "Absolutely Busted" message she called Susan, the web designer we hired to design our blog template. She accused her of owning this blog. When she was informed that wasn't the case that she'd never had anything to do with it well, Jan Kruska, true to form as ever, threatened Susan with legal action if she didn't reveal the names of her customers, she threatened to hold her responsible for what her customers did. Oh yeah. And sure enough she did. Lookie here

"If you have been wrongfully attacked, cyberstalked and terrorized by this woman and/or her friends on Absolute Zero, give her a call and let her know what's on your mind!"

"Porn Producers"

"Susan is the creator of Absolute Zero United!"

"This information has been verified and a link will soon be added which includes her audiotaped confession"

"Susan is very worried right now and she has good reason to be. She and her pals have broken MULTIPLE laws for which she and her friends can and will now be held criminally and civilly liable. POOR SUSAN!"

"She doesn't want to rat out her "friends" over at Absolute Zero and that's a shame because now she alone will bear the brunt of what they are all collectively responsible for"

"What goes around comes around"

"THEY, (meaning those you and your friends have targeted whether rightly or wrongly) now know who YOU are and WHERE YOU LIVE. How does it feel?"

Interesting that just last night Jan AKA azrockhoundz left this comment on YouTube

Either someone told her, or she realized herself that she had messed up big time. So she quickly deleted her own comment and in order to not lose her momentum and all she continued on:

Well now, I do believe she's given the word GRACEFUL a whole new meaning. Especially when you consider what Jan and her friend Erika otherwise known as "He-ain't-heavy-She's-my-Brother" had in store for our own Chris Brocious.

When we look back at the websites once belonging to Erika the Mouse, one of which she was selling his body by PAYPAL ONLY, the other was filled with floating animated pentagrams and Satanic music

Does it leave any doubt who was responsible for the page made to libel Chris?

Never mind the emails I received letting me know this page was coming. Never mind the doctored images of my friends she sent me. Or the

"Your worst nightmare is coming true"

or the

"I'm coming for you soon"

emails. Never mind the blog she made mocking the death of Chris Barrios and signing my name to it. Never mind Margie Slagle mocking me or telling Carolyn that she didn't care what Jan did to her because "Jan is hurting more" Never mind Tom Madison dismissing her actions as "a child's game" or Shirley Lowery aiding and abetting.

I want you to look

Look at what this woman has done and ask yourself how she DARES to show her face on YouTube crying VICTIM!

Ask yourself how she DARES to make this statement....just yesterday as a matter of fact
I am a Christian first and foremost. I believe in forgiveness and I believe that there are much better ways of dealing with these issues other than what is currently occurring
Or how Linda Wagner dares to show up on YouTube spouting off insanities
"Sue them all Amanda! Take them to court!"

"If they use your status as a RSO to intimadate you in any way, That is illegal under the law of your state. Also, being a christian, you probably can sue on those grounds because they are interfering with your right to pratice your faith"
Or what about the comment Jan Kruska wrote on that blog she made to try to harass Susan? Oh dear, what was it again?
Better get that Bible of yours out and read it again, I think you missed the whole point of what it was all about. You're a Christian? I don't think so. Can you honestly say that what you're doing is something that Jesus would do? I think not.

The Margie Slagle's, the Shirley Lowery's, the Tom Madison's and Linda Wagner's continue to enable this deranged, sociopathic, criminal. If they truly were her friends they would help her get psychiatric help. She's no longer going over the deep end you guys. She's over the edge.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Kamikaze Jan

Kamikaze Jan
Jan Kruska says
"hate doesn’t solve anything, neither does revenge. Hate and vengeance is for the simple minded and it is a cop out. It is taking the easy way out. It is also the fast track to the inevitable next future disaster"
So what's so wrong about that statement? Jan only applies it to people who have sexually offended against others. That's what.
Jan believes:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
"those on the sex offender registry have suffered great losses.......the right to live where you want and feel safe in your person and in your home"
"The scarlett [sic] letter is real and is about to be placed squarely on the foreheads of those responsible for this American travesty that is the sex offender registry"
Jan also believes that children don't report when they are abused for fear that their abuser will be removed from the home.

It reminded me so much of someone else. The wacked out mother who showed up on GirlChat recently explaining that her boyfriend got together with her because he was a pedophile and wanted her daughter. He had done it to another woman and her daughter before her. And now after molesting the 10 year old, Frianne is trying to figure out how to hold on to him when he gets out of jail. OMG They all seem to be the same! Look at this grandma, she's upset that her son is in jail. she admits that he did it but says "it was a psychological error on his part" She goes on to say that
"I know he is sorry and will never do it again....He should not have to pay so dearly, he did'nt kill ...and it was the result of the two girls(his) constantly sexually active since 11, and flaunting it in his face, when his wife did'nt like sex, he was in need"
She just fit right into that den at SOSEN didn't she? Even Shirley Lowery agrees as a matter of fact
"I grew up in an abusive home and I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am older and wiser I know without a doubt that I did the right thing then and would do the same again. Virtue has little meaning to a child who likes a roof over their head and food to put in their belly"
But then what can you expect, as she also said:

Poor Pathetic Ignorant Americans

John Walsh has single-handedly destroyed more US children than any other individual in history

Americans can be incredibly stupid.

The Miami police department has set the stage. No action was required but their reaction equaled that of a national crisis. The public has a right to know

John Walsh is not the only person to lose a child under tragic circumstances. He has been in a rage for a quarter of a century. Now we are being asked to pick up an astronomical tab to immortalize his son. I wouldn't give a dime. I learned what manure is a long time ago so I walk around it rather than stepping in it.

Each of us has the capability of being an abuser and many thousands of you are active abusers. How dare you sit back and point your finger and judge yourself as being a better person. You aren’t.

Home of the brave? No, a nation of whimps whose answer to everything is placing the blame elsewhere.

All that talk about blaming and finger pointing led me back a ways. I thought about Jan's religious intolerance. And I thought about her dishonesty and her belief that parents of murdered children are the ones who should be blamed rather than the person who commits the act.
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."

Sex offenders aren’t born sex offenders. They are created. They are a bi-product of society and the sooner we ALL start taking responsibility the better chance we all have of protecting our kids and having, NO MORE VICTIMS
I believe that these people, the Shirley Lowery’s and Jan Kruska’s and Tom Madison’s don’t know what responsibility is. Tom as CEO of SoClear believes that randomly attacking uninvolved people and knowingly libeling them, accusing them of things which they did not do, is appropriate behavior. He even goes so far as to demean the serious topic of child sexual abuse by calling Jan’s actions a mere game of "sticks ‘n stones”.

The mainstream perception that these people are indifferent and insensitive to the very real abuse that children have suffered is born out by their own actions, and I believe there could hardly be a more blatant example of their remarkable unwillingness to take responsibility for their own conduct. We have dubbed this ‘blame gaming’ but a more proper term would be sociopathic.

And yet, we aren't the only ones bickering with these guys. We aren't the only ones who think these people are wack jobs. Take the case of Erika

p3rl_script wrote to David Coffman, owner of SOSEN about her concerns regarding CEO Shirley Lowery.

"I have decided to withdraw my membership from SOSEN as a result of Shirley's destructive messages and psychotic leadership skills.

She is hurting people and she will drag you and others down with her if allowed to continue, she is severely unstable mentally and has no understanding just how damaging her behavior is when she is allowed to continue inciting nonsense with no consequences for her asinine actions."

And to Shirley herself she says:

"Your one step away from having the FBI on your tail, with the type of content your allowing to be posted and the type of things you write about.

I cannot and will not be associated with the "Illegal" and "unlawful" type of activity your advocating for by encouraging and promoting it on your Yahoo Group SOSEN.

It is extremely stupid and you are placing any one in connection with you and SOSEN in danger of being arrested for whatever the government can get you for in regards to inciting people and encouraging illegal activity in violation of both state and federal laws.

The kind of behavior you are promoting and allowing to occur is EXTREMELY dangerous and self-defeating and I shall take NO part in it.

You have no idea (seemingly) of the harm and damage your doing to the very people you think you are helping! Your like a predator who preys on peoples fears causing them to react.


Erika promptly formed the Families in Social Crisis Legal Defense group.

But she also formed a yahoo group called jessicamarielunsfordfoundation

Using this name she wrote propaganda

and wild rants to newspaper articles

She told us about her past

And linked us to her MySpace

And her profession

And her hobbies

Her needs

All of us here at AZ and in the entire Anti community each have our own reasons for being here. Some of us were sexually abused as children or know someone who was. Some of us came to this due to attacks by online pedophile terrorists. But the common thread that binds us is the obligation we feel.

When someone like a Margie Slagle, an Ohio Attorney and board member of SoClear, mocks child sexual abuse via harassing emails, or when a Jan Kruska mocks a child sexual abuse survivor, some of us just shake our heads in disbelief as we watch her downward spiral. Others say "this will never do"

Meet Kamikaze Jan

HT Jacey

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Jans Truth

Jan is upset over her own truth.

Jan set out to destroy us and she pointed the finger at the wrong person. Poor Carolyn!

Watch Jan the fluff n stuffed get puffed and qwack up!

We're sending it ALL back around!


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Blame Gaming

- It's what maladjusted sex offenders do when they're not in prison. According to Jan Kruska, Child Molesters and Abusers aren't actually to blame for cases of sexual abuse - the parents of the victims, the government in general and everyone else in society are what's responsible.

Also did you know that any country which punishes criminals for commiting crimes, constitutes as a police state?

Nuh, neither did we.

But you don't have to take my word for it, listen to Jan herself as she raps it all out - telling it like it is.

01. Police State - Jan educates us about common sense and the fact that the Police State we live in should turn a blind eye to people who sexually abuse children because the world isn't our babysitter. Most importantly she lets us know how important she is in the struggle to keep children safe from child predators. We can NOT depend on Amanda Rogers.

02. Lewd Behavior - Jan "Concerned for the truth" Kruska AKA Amanda Rogers talks about how no one should have the right to know if George Edenfield's living next door.

03. Stand by your Child Molesting Man - Jan feels qualified to speak on behalf of the victims of child sexual abuse saying that the reason why sexual abuse is so under-reported isn't because the victims feel so deeply hurt by their abuse that they'd rather not re-live it again through painful court processes, but because they're worried that the abuser will wind up listed as a registered sex offender, Oh and let's not forget 'he might not do it again.'

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Who is this woman?

Who is Jan Kruska, AKA Amanda Rogers, AKA Jan Gustafson, AKA Jan Nelson? We wrote about her here We wrote about her activities regarding sex offender reform and her ideas about sex offenders.

Jan of course is angry about being exposed and says she's worried about her own children being humiliated because of this. But once again that is just another step in the blame game.

SHE is the only one to blame for her activities. And why does she want to protect her own children while throwing everyone else's literally to the wolves?

Her advocation of sweeping reform which would essentially abolish all punishment for child molesters AND even remove laws which make their activities illegal can be seen as nothing less than child endangerment.

Jan likes attention and she has definitely made the news now. Check it out and read for yourself about her other activities. Does anyone remember what happened the last two times a new wiki entry was released at I do, we wrote about them here and here
What is Jan's reaction to this you might wonder? Well, this person who calls herself a REFORMED sex offender....has lashed out at an innocent person in her haste to take down Stitches.

She's made herself a webpage outing someone as me. She's digging into her personal life. She's doing this with malicious intent to bring harm to this person. Tell me Jan, how does it make you feel to be gloating over exposing someone's LEGAL activities, especially when that person had never even heard your name before. When that person was not in any way involved in anti-pedophilia activism or Absolute Zero United for that matter.

I messaged Jan not once, but twice telling her she had the wrong person. The person she's attacking has contacted her also. All to no avail. So you may ask yourself why? Why would Jan try to wreak havoc on an uninvolved party this way? I suppose we could give the easy answer that she's obviously not very bright. This is thoroughly documented already in her prolific writings and frenzied hatred for child advocates.

We saw her sarcasm, her mocking hostility toward parents of brutally murdered children. What else is she capable of? But I think it goes even deeper than all that. Jan has her head set on it, you see. It doesn't matter if the info is accurate or not. Jan believes it, and to Jan that's all that matters. She's cognitively distorted, and in her attempt to rip up someone's life she's hurting herself far more than any of us ever could.

Besides the uninvolved person she has attacked, Jan is going to have to live with the damage she has caused this person, this person who is not me. This person who was out busy living life unaware of people like Jan. JAN is solely responsible for her own actions.

I called Jan a Fluff n' Stuff. Jan proved it was true.

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Fluff n' Stuff

Amanda Rogers, as she likes to call herself, describes herself as
a freelance investigative journalist from Phoenix,AZ.

She is a human rights, civil rights, and child safety advocate, as well as a political ball buster. Amanda is the author of numerous articles and video blogs. Her articles and editorials have been published in news magazines both nationally and across the globe
Amanda writes for American Chronicle, an online tabloid type website. She's also on the board of SoClear a pro sex offender rights organization which describes her this way:
Fed up with the barrage of blatantly unconstitutional and ineffective legislation regarding sex offenders and so-called "child protection", Ms. Rogers has made it her mission to educate the public on the truth behind the headlines: To cut through the hype and spin to bring you the facts, un-tethered by political bias, affiliations, or agendas. It is only through truths, however painful, infuriating or embarrassing that real discussion on these issues can begin and effective changes be made.
Amanda believes that society is demonizing sex offenders. She believes we are mistreating them. She believes we are thus endangering children. She is an activist. Her issue is to reform sex offender laws. She supports the petition we wrote about HERE.

Amanda claims that that only 3% of sex offenders recidivate. She bases that on the 1994 DOJ report regarding recidivism rates of sex offenders. Then, in typical Lindsay Ashford style, she subtracts the number of those offenders in that study who were reconvicted within a 3 year period from 100% and erroneously concludes that it must mean 97% of sex offense cases are committed by someone never before convicted of a sex crime. WA LA She's using this insane conclusion to promote abolishment of sex offender registries, life imprisonment sentences and age of consent laws.

When we very helpfully pointed out to her that studies done over a much longer period of time found that the offender didn't typically start to re-offend until 5 years post release from prison, which would actually make this DOJ statistic a moot point, she very typically deleted our comments and proceeded to harass a CSA survivor. Wouldn't want people to know the truth now would she?

Amanda wants this

Abolish all provisions of state and Federal sex offender registries.. There should be no internet or other public posting of the identity, photograph, address, workplace or personal information of any offender

Whose side is she on again? She believes you don't have a right to know that Joe next door raped a 5 year old child.........when you have a 5 year old child.

She also makes note, as do all these activists that there are very few sex crimes committed by those on the sex offender registry and in some insane twist of logic concludes that WA LA we don't need one. Whereas I'm saying it may just be working. In cases where the offender was registered but they weren't adequately followed by law enforcement, she concludes that we are wasting money on the SOR, whereas I believe we need to invest more money into it and ensure that all agencies have the staff and resources they need.

At one point she becomes so bold as to say that the reason for widespread under-reporting of child sexual abuse is because people know that bad stuff is gonna happen when they report it. For example prison sentences, SOR, possibly the breadwinner being removed from the home. Whereas if there were no punishment for sex offenders and it wasn't something required by law to be reported, well then the victim could just gently guide the offender on down to the corner therapist and WA LA problem would be solved. She doesn't understand sex offenders much does she?

I should say not. But I would like to ask her why she blames Adam Walsh's mother for the actions of the man who cut off Adam's head. And why she blames the family of Christopher Barrios and the entire system for the actions of the gruesome twosome who raped and murdered him while that hag looked on getting her jollies.

"Little Christopher paid the price for this ill thought out legislation with his very life. It is the opinion of this writer that lawmakers have just as much blood on their hands as the Edenfields themselves"
She refers to Mark Klass, Mark Lundsford, John Walsh as the flock of vultures. And addressing the issue of Megan Kanka (Megans Law) and the man who raped and murdered her (a convicted sex offender) she says that law enforcement knew he was dangerous and yet they let him out anyway. Well oh me oh my, if you really feel that way Amanda, why do you support doing away with all life imprisonment sentences for sex offenders? Why?

Why are you addressing the parents of murdered children with scorn and hostility in your voice? Why are you trying to dig up dirt on them? You wouldn't be the judgmental type now would you? You wouldn't be one to try and legislate morality now would you? You wouldn't make a statement like: "The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....." And why are you blaming everyone, everyone for the deaths of Dylan Groene, Jessica Lunsford, Megan Kanka, Adam Walsh, Carly Brucia, and Danielle Van Dam except the men who actually committed the acts? Yes, Amanda, as parents we have to take care of our children, but when you said:

"This world is not your babysitter"

All I could think was........Am I my brother's keeper? And in this case, Amanda, yes yes yes I am. When it comes to children we all are. If you don't agree then I would imagine you perhaps have ulterior motives for this cause of yours?

Amanda believes that teenagers are the victims in this modern day hysterical witch hunt. To solve that problem she supports this:

De-criminalize all consensual sexual activities among teenagers

She draws no line. A 19 year old 11 month and 29 day old person would be exempt from being prosecuted for having sex with a 13 year old and 1 day old child. Oh! But she did use the word consensual. As if she believes the 13 year old is capable of making a rational decision about sexual activity with the 19/20 year old. I guess she does believe it.

But on the other hand she DID say she was against pedophiles and so I'm just scratching my head here. WTF? Because you see what this petition says is
Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders. Oppose the use in the media or by public officials of obviously pejorative language with regard to offenders. Use of the term "pedophile" should be extremely limited and accurate. Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.
Ok, there is the definition of child that she supports. But then how do you explain this?
Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights
THAT right there is an advocation for abolishment of age of consent laws, and the typical pedophile movement's modus operandi. Turn it on the child. Make THEM responsible for what the adults want to do to them.

And like we said before, this reform petition is about removing all punishments for sex offenders, placing the responsibility for CSA on the child, and removing restrictions for pedophiles. I think Amanda's a malicious LIAR whose attempts to manipulate public opinion with false propaganda are on the lines of reckless endangerment.

And they call us ignorant and uneducated? Well, Amanda did. But then I think she has more hair than brains. In fact I just call her fluff n' stuff.

Jan Elizabeth Kruska describes herself as

a freelance journalist from Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

She is the author of numerous articles, live concert reviews, and musician interviews which have been published both nationally and internationally. Jan also does live concert photography which helps to bring the stories and reviews together for both readers and fans.

Please see her website for more information and concert photos at

Jan Kruska is a registered sex offender herself you see. Jan is Amanda. Jan has ulterior motives behind her numerous pro sex abuse articles, and her website and her organization of the rally in Miami and her support of this horrendous excuse for a petition that claims it is "part of the effort to support the happiness, well-being and freedom of children"

I did find it quite interesting that this petition which states:
We call on those who agree with us to sign our Call publicly, with full disclosure of real identity
And Jan did that. Yes indeed she did. The strange thing is that she also signed Amanda's name. You know, the Amanda who doesn't even exist?

I don't know about you, but I would sort of think that a reformed sex offender wouldn't stoop to lying now would they? And if they did.....which activities of theirs should we believe in and which ones should we question? As for me I don't believe anything she has to say.

Graphics provided by Jacey

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